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Menighedsfakultetet samarbejder med FIUC-Aarhus om at uddanne teologer til kirke og mission.



The aim of the Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus is to educate pastors and theologians for the Danish National Lutheran Church and for mission abroad. The teaching provided is research based, and the lecturers are supposed to be personally engaged in scholarly research within their particular areas of expertise.

Instruction and research at LSTA are founded on our confidence in the reliability of the Bible being the Word of God. A further part of the doctrinal basis of LSTA is the Lutheran Confessions, i.e. the three ecumenical Early Church creeds, the Augsburg Confession and Martin Luther’s Smaller Catechism, yet so that the creeds and confessions have a derived authority vis-a-vis the Bible.

LSTA welcomes students of all faiths and denominations: Lutherans, non-Lutherans as well as agnostics – the only condition being that the character and the policy of the School are respected.