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Menighedsfakultetet samarbejder med FIUC-Aarhus om at uddanne teologer til kirke og mission.

Relationships with other Institutions

Relationships with other Institutions

Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus has close relationships with the following institutions (in terms of co-operation, visiting lecturers, etc.):

Fjellhaug Internasjonale Høgskole

(Fjellhaug International University College)

Dansk Bibel-Institut

(Copenhagen Lutheran School of Theology)

Leifsgade 33,6

DK-2300 Copenhagen s

Gesellschaft für Bildung und Forschung in Europa (GBFE)

Read GBFE’s brochure (in English and German) HERE

European Council for Theological Education, (ECTE)

Det teologiske Menighedsfakultet

(Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology, Oslo, Norway)

Pb. 5144

N 0302 Oslo



(Lutheran School of Theology, Gothenburg, Sweden)

Södra Vägen

61412 54 Göteborg


LSTA participates in the so-called Helsjön Community, which is a network co-operation between the evangelical theological institutions in Scandinavia including a Finnish Evangelical School in Helsinki: The Theological Institute of Finland. As a part of the Helsjön Community, a conference is held every second year in Helsjön in Western Sweden for faculty staff members and head masters of the schools participating.

Being a theological school, LSTA is a member of

  • The Network for Theological Education in the Nordic Countries (under Nordic Ecumenical Council,
  • A network for missionary studies in the Nordic area, called NIME (Nordic Institute for Missionary and Ecumenical Research,
  • EEAA (The European Evangelical Accrediting Association)

Several faculty members have taken their doctoral degree either at the University of Lund or at the Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology. In addition, study visits have been made to A.O. Jerusalem, Tübingen, Oxford, Cambridge (Tyndale House) and Cheltenham.