Brief History


Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus (LSTA) – in Danish ‘Menighedsfakultetet’ – was established in 1967 by a group of pastors and laymen within the Danish National Lutheran Church. Their vision was to create an independent theological school in Aarhus as an evangelical alternative to the programs at the theological faculties at the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus.

The first courses at LSTA took place in 1972, the first full-time teacher of theology was appointed in 1973, and the present building came into use in 1982. The LSTA campus lies very close to the former Faculty of Theology at Aarhus University (since 2011: Theological Education at School of Arts), where some of the current students of LSTA are enrolled.

In 2005 LSTA launched its own theological bachelor’s degree programme accredited by University of Wales and delivered in Danish.

Since 2019 LSTA has offered a Norwegian bachelor’s degree programme through Fjellhaug International University College.



Besides the teaching for LSTA´s own BA students, LSTA invites students from the Theological Education at School of Arts at Aarhus University to receive supplementary and alternative teaching at LSTA, and to join the fellowship here.

Note that the lectures given by LSTA’s teachers are normally in Danish. Visiting teachers may give lectures in other languages, e.g. in English, Norwegian or in Swedish.